‘smyline recommends points of interest located along the route you are traveling, whether you are walking, driving, biking or taking public transportation.

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Why use it?

’smyline can be used to find convenient options in many situations:

On the way home/to hotel: Need to pick up forgotten toiletries on the way home from work event.

Visiting a new place: Tourist locating coffee shop on his way to theater.

Going to an event: Need to pick up wine on the way to a dinner party.


Find Places

Find place along the route to your destination.

Take Control

Take control of your trip by choosing when along the route you want it.

‘smyline recommendations

Only see the best and most convenient results based ‘smyline recommendations*.


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Frequently Asked Questions?

‘smyline is available for download in the Apple Store for iOS users and the Google Play store for Android users.

Recommendations are based on a ‘smyline algorithm which takes into account your location, mode of travel, travel route, where along the route you would like to see results, and ratings of the points of interest.  Based on these, the app is able to suggest places that are convenient for you.

At this point, you can search a route that is up to 100 miles long.

You can narrow your results down by using the “something specific” box which is located in the “What are you looking for?” section.  However, you must first select a main category.

‘smyline only uses location information to identify the best route to where you are headed.

While ‘smyline aims to always give you results along your route, we realize there are times that there may be no results along your route that fit your search criteria, particularly for routes that are less than 5 miles long. In this case, ‘smyline will give you results that are closest to your route, which at times may fall outside of your actual

You can reach out to info@smyline.app with any additional questions.

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